Samsung to offer Galaxy S6 Edge in limited edition?

There’s been a lot of drama around the upcoming Galaxy S6 series, which besides the ‘regular’ Galaxy S6 is expected to comprise of a curved screen aka an Edge variant. What’s interesting is that unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, this curved screen cousin of the Galaxy S6 could have rounded edge on either side of the panel. If that does happen, it’ll make the Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung’s first ever phone with a double-edged screen. What’s more, the device is expected to be showcased at the CES 2015… but only to select partners unfortunately, which certainly doesn’t include the press.

The Galaxy Note Edge stimulated all sorts of responses during its showcase from the world around, but the general consensus about the device now is that of a good one. Samsung is known to experiment without worrying about tradition too much, and that could very well be an encouragement behind producing a device such as the one in question. Of course, the sheer scale of Samsung means that it has to worry about its consumers too; the Galaxy S6 Edge, therefore, could end up being a litmus test to see how well the market reacts to the device. Which is why, it’ll probably only end up being a limited edition device… which when translated to numbers, comes out to be a whopping 10 million!

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