Samsung brings a snowman to life by using three Galaxy S5s

We all know Samsung has a massive marketing budget, and it has the ability to take over an entire festival with a little help from its marketing team. This Christmas, the Korean giant is promoting its devices everywhere, on television, billboards – you name it. In its latest video, Samsung is bringing a snowman to life by using three Galaxy S5s; mainly to highlight the device’s water-resistant (IP67) technology.

To make this next-generation snowman, Samsung used two Galaxy S5s running animations of eyes, while the third GS5 played an animation of a beating heart, all three devices were inserted into a normal snowman.

You could also make your very own snowman 2.0, as the Korean giant has uploaded 20-minute videos of the animating eyes and heart on its YouTube channel, however, you would need more than one Galaxy S5 devices to do so. If you find it a bit expensive, maybe you could collaborate on a SnowMan 2.0 with a few of your family members or friends who own a Galaxy S5 as well. Until then, check out Samsung’s ad video below.

Via: BGR | Source: Youtube (SamsungMobileUK)

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