Samsung sued for using the word ‘Milk’ for its streaming services

Samsung just can’t seem to catch a break from all the lawsuits that keep coming its way. The company is facing a legal battle against Nvidia over patent infringement in the U.S., and now, it has been courted in a new lawsuit by Milk Studios that is targeting Samsung for using the Milk name for its new music and video services, the former of which went live earlier this year. Milk Studios is alleging that Samsung “intentionally, willfully and knowingly” used Milk’s trademark despite requests to stop using it in March, and is asking for an undisclosed amount for the damage caused.

It’s unclear what the true story is behind this lawsuit, as Samsung has officially used Milk Studios’ services on many occasions in recent years. According to Milk Studios, Samsung asked for time to consider whether it should stop using the Milk name, but decided in August that it would not do so. Samsung hasn’t offered a comment on the matter for now, but it’s likely we’ll hear more in the coming months as the lawsuit heads to the courts.


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