Samsung shows off the strength of Galaxy Note 4 in a video

Samsung has taken the advantage of the #BendGate controversy to show off how strong its latest flagship device is. In a video released yesterday, Samsung has conducted a “three-point bend test” and the “human weight test” to prove that the Galaxy Note 4 won’t be susceptible to bending or permanent deformation. First, the video starts off by explaining how things get deformed when people keep them in their back pocket and sit on them. This first test is similar to what Apple showcased after the BendGate controversy revolving around the iPhone 6 Plus but the latter simulates a 100 kg  person sitting on the Galaxy Note 4 simulating a real-world scenario. In both the tests, the Galaxy Note 4 bends but regains its original shape immediately without any damaging effects or permanent deformation.

The video then goes on to explain the reasons behind the strength of the Galaxy Note 4. Apparently, the secret behind its durability is a metal frame with a magnesium bracket and a “mutually reinforcing structure between parts.” Although there were some instances about early users of the Galaxy Note 4 complaining about the gap between the screen and the metal frame, Samsung has officially confirmed that its a design necessity rather than a manufacturing defect. The Galaxy Note 4 was announced earlier this month during Samsung’s pre-IFA 2014 event and it is expected to be launched in 140 countries by the end of October.


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