[UPDATED: ‘It’s a feature’] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 build issues reported by South Korean buyers

While the Galaxy Note 4 is slated for a launch in over 140 countries starting October, South Korean consumers have had the option to buy Samsung’s new phablet flagship since September 26th. However, it looks like some of the early adopters of the Galaxy Note 4 in Samsung’s home country might not be too happy with their purchase. Reports have surfaced about users complaining about a manufacturing defect in the Note 4, manifesting itself in the form of a gap between the phone’s display and its casing, a gap that can easily fit two sheets of A4 paper or a business card.

As always, it’s possible this defect is limited to only a few units, but it certainly looks like it could be a huge issue that Samsung will need to address as quickly as it can. Samsung is reportedly aware of the issues; it’s likely the company will be offering free replacements to all affected users, though it remains to be seen if the issue is big enough to be an obstacle in the Galaxy Note 4’s worldwide launch next month.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like the gap between the display and phone’s body is a “necessary manufacturing feature,” according to the Galaxy Note 4 manual that made its way online today. According to the manual, the gap might cause “some minor rocking or vibration of part” and could increase in the future due to friction between parts, making us wonder just what purpose it serves and why it is present on a flagship device like the Note 4. Hopefully, Samsung will come out with an official explanation as soon as it can before people start returning their Note 4s.


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