Samsung Gear 3 to sport curved display, lack a camera?

With two Gear smartwatches already out in markets, it’s been expected that Samsung will launch a Gear 3 sometime in the future, along with a plethora of other wearable devices, including the Gear VR virtual reality headset. Today, PocketNow is offering details on the next-generation Gear, and according to their source, the biggest change the Gear 3 will introduce is a curved display, not unlike the one seen on the Gear Fit, with thin side bezel. The smartwatch will apparently be more curved than the Gear Fit, and will employ a Super AMOLED display with “impressive brightness and color saturation.”

However, while the display will be a massive improvement, the Gear 3 will also lack a key feature that has separated Samsung’s smartwatches from others. The Gear 3 will reportedly lack a camera – it’s likely most won’t miss a camera, but it will surely irk a few who have gotten used to using the camera on their smartwatch for taking quick snaps. Also, while the camera might be present, it is said the Gear 3 might sport a radio for cellular connectivity, though it isn’t clear if this will have any effect on the rumored Gear Solo’s launch.

According to the source of the above information, the Gear 3 is being prepared for a September launch as has been rumored before, which means it could be announced alongside the Galaxy Note 4. As always, everything should be taken with a pinch of salt, as things might change in the weeks leading up to the launch of the third-generation Gear smartwatch.


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So like the gear 1 and gear fit? They both have curved displays already, gear 2 I’m not positive. But i love some of these sammobile articles lately lol…wow curved watch screen whooaa just like last few models lol…or the classic…amazing…”sammobile article points out something insanely small or arbitrary like it’s supposed to epic and groundbreaking” ect ….like….wow Samsung launches amazing box that sound comes out of…they called it a speaker…and, and and…it’s wireless ahhhh eepicccc. …seriously sammobile have your few writers lost all sense on critical analysis…or just do they do enough to push these articles out regardless how… Read more »