Samsung cleverly advertising Ultra Power Saving Mode on Galaxy S5

A month after making fun of iPhone users for being “wall huggers”, Samsung is back with another ad to promote the battery life on the Galaxy S5. In the latest campaign, Samsung has placed stickers around power outlets at three major airports in the US with the message: “The Samsung Galaxy S 5 with Ultra Power Saving Mode. So you can be anywhere but here.” It’s a clever way to market one of the best features of its latest flagship, and the timing is also quite good as a month or so later Apple will announce its next flagship iPhone, which is expected to finally bring along a larger screen and, as a result, a larger battery as well. 

What do you think about Samsung’s latest campaign to promote the Galaxy S5?

s5-wall-ad-2 s5-wall-ad-1



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They should make an ad where there is no plug close by, and they’re expected to make/receive an important call or message, or need to use an app and the battery dies. Like on a bus cross country. And a Samsung user who has been on the bus the same length of time, saves the day or should I say ‘power-saves’ the day.


Lol true!