SamMobile Recap: Android 4.4.3 and 4.4.2 update status, round smartwatch, lots of new phones

There’s a lot of stuff that happens in the tech industry, something that is especially true when it comes to giants like Samsung. If you missed out on some (or all) of what happened in the last 24 hours or so, well, here’s a recap of all the big things that went down.

SamMobile published exclusive news on Samsung’s plans for updating its devices to Android 4.4.2 and Android 4.4.3, with the latter currently being integrating into the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 LTE-A. The Galaxy Tab S leaked out in pictures again, this time with its vivid AMOLED screen on full display (no pun intended), while another upcoming device, the Galaxy S5 Prime, was spotted heading to India for testing and evaluation.

Leaked patents revealed Samsung’s plans to launch a smartwatch with a circular screen, which would make it the company’s most attractive smartwatch if it gets released. We also saw a couple of new Samsung phones get launched – a feature phone called Master was launched in South Korea, while a new variant of the Galaxy S4 with the latest version of Android went up for sale in the Netherlands. A new budget Android device running KitKat was also spotted, sporting a 4.3-inch screen.

Here’s the full rundown:

As usual, a lot of devices got firmware updates as well, so here’s a list of all the updates that rolled to Samsung devices yesterday (as always, you can find all the firmware you need in our firmware section):

Country (Product Code)ModelModel NameVersionPDA
Afghanistan (AFG)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANDA
Afghanistan (AFG)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
Afghanistan (AFG)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0AND2
Albania (Vodafone) (AVF)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Argentina (PSP)SM-T111MGALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 3G4.2.2T111MUBUANB4
Austria (A1) (MOB)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Baltic (SEB)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Bangladesh (TML)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNE4
Bangladesh (TML)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNC1
Brazil (ZTO)GT-I8190LGALAXY S III mini4.1.2I8190LUBAMK1
Brazil (ZTO)GT-I8190LGALAXY S III mini4.1.2I8190LUBANE1
Brazil (ZTO)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505VJUFNB2
Brazil (ZTO)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505VJUGNE2
Bulgaria (BGL)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Bulgaria (MTL) (MTL)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Chile (Claro) (CHL)GT-S6810LGALAXY Fame4.1.2S6810LUBANC1
China (CHU)GT-I9502GALAXY S4 DUOS4.4.2I9502ZNUHNE2
China (CHM)GT-N7108DGALAXY Note II4.2.2N7108DZMUANC1
China (CHU)SM-G7106GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7106ZNUANE1
China (CHU)GT-I9502GALAXY S4 DUOS4.4.2I9502ZNUGNE2
China (CHU)SM-N7506VGALAXY Note 3 Neo LTE4.3N7506VZNUAND3
China (CHM)GT-N7108DGALAXY Note II4.2.2N7108DZMUANA3
Cyprus (CYV)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Czech Republic (XEZ)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Czech Republic (O2C) (O2C)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Czech Republic (Vodafone) (VDC)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Dominican Republic (Orange) (DOR)SM-G900HGALAXY S54.4.2G900HXXU1ANE2
Egypt (EGY)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
Egypt (EGY)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANCD
France (Orange) (FTM)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.3I9505XXUENA8
France (Orange) (FTM)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNDA
Germany (DBT)SM-T900GALAXY TabPRO 12.2 Wi-Fi4.4.2T900XWUAND2
Germany (DBT)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Germany (Vodafone) (VD2)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Greece (GT-I8190TADEUR)GT-I8190GALAXY S III mini4.1.2I8190XXAMA2
Greece (EUR)GT-I8190GALAXY S III mini4.1.2I8190XXAMG4
Greece (EUR)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Greece (EUR)GT-I8190GALAXY S III mini4.1.2I8190XXANC2
Greece (Vodafone) (VGR)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Guatemala (PGU)SM-T111MGALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 3G4.2.2T111MUBUANB4
Hong Kong (TGY)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530ZSU1ANE1
Hungary (XEH)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0AND2
Hungary (XEH)GT-S6310GALAXY Young4.1.2S6310XXANA1
Hungary (XEH)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Hungary (VDH) (VDH)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
India (INU)SM-T2314.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
India (INS)SM-T2314.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Iraq (MID)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANDA
Iraq (MID)SM-T2314.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Ireland (Vodafone) (VDI)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Israel (ILO)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANDA
Italy (ITV)GT-P5210GALAXY Tab34.2.2P5210XXUANB4
Italy (ITV)GT-P5210GALAXY Tab34.2.2P5210XXUAMK8
Italy (H3G) (HUI)SM-G386FGALAXY Core LTE4.2.2G386FXXUANC2
Italy (TIM) (TIM)SM-G350GALAXY Core Plus4.2.2G350XXUANB1
Italy (TIM) (TIM)GT-S7275RGALAXY Ace 3 LTE4.2.2S7275RXXUAML1
Italy (TIM) (TIM)SM-T3354.4.2T335XXU1ANE1
Italy (Vodafone) (OMN)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Kazakhstan (SKZ)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0ANE2
Kazakhstan (SKZ)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
Kenya (AFR)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
Libya (BTC)SM-T2314.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Libya (BTC)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFND4
Luxembourg (LUX)SM-T900GALAXY TabPRO 12.2 Wi-Fi4.4.2T900XWUAND2
Malaysia (XME)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
Mauritania (MRT)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFND4
Mauritania (MRT)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.3N7100XXUENA1
Mexico (Telcel) (TCE)SGH-I537GALAXY S4 Active4.3I537UBUBND3
Morocco (MWD) (MWD)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANDA
Morocco (MWD) (MWD)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
Nepal (NPL)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNE4
Nepal (NPL)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNC1
Netherlands (PHN)GT-I9300GALAXY S III4.3I9300XXUGND5
Netherlands (PHN)GT-I9295GALAXY S4 Active4.2.2I9295XXUBML3
Netherlands (PHN)GT-I9300GALAXY S III4.3I9300XXUGNA5
Netherlands (PHN)SM-T900GALAXY TabPRO 12.2 Wi-Fi4.4.2T900XWUAND2
Netherlands (PHN)GT-I9295GALAXY S4 Active4.4.2I9295XXUCNE5
Netherlands (PHN)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Netherlands (PHN)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Netherlands (Vodafone) (VDF)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
New Zealand (TNZ)GT-N8000GALAXY Note
New Zealand (GT-N8000ZBPZTNZ)GT-N8000GALAXY Note
Nigeria (ECT)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.3N7100XXUENA1
Nigeria (ECT)SM-C1114.4.2C111XXU1ANE1
Nigeria (ECT)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
Nigeria (ECT)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFND4
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Open Austria (ATO)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Open Austria (ATO)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0AND2
Open Austria (ATO)GT-S8500Wave2S8500XXLA1
Pakistan (PAK) (PAK)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
Panama (TPA)GT-I9152GALAXY Mega 5.8 DUOS4.2.2I9152UBUANC2
Panama (TPA)SM-T2314.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Panama (Cable & Wireless) (PCW)SM-G900HGALAXY S54.4.2G900HXXU1ANE2
Panama (Claro) (CPA)SM-T331GALAXY Tab4 8.0 3G4.4.2T331XXU1ANE2
Peru (PET)SM-T111MGALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 3G4.2.2T111MUBUANB4
Peru (PEO)SM-T520GALAXY TabPRO 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T520XXUAND1
Portugal (MEO)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNE1
Portugal (TPH) (TPH)GT-P3110GALAXY Tab
Portugal (TPH) (TPH)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Portugal (Vodafone) (TCL)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Romania (ROM)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Romania (ROM)SM-T900GALAXY TabPRO 12.2 Wi-Fi4.4.2T900XWUAND2
Romania (Cosmote) (COA)GT-P5210GALAXY Tab34.2.2P5210XXUANB4
Romania (Cosmote) (COA)GT-P5210GALAXY Tab34.2.2P5210XXUAMK8
Romania (Vodafone) (CNX)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Russia (SER)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
Russia (SER)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Russia (SER)GT-N5110GALAXY Note 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2N5110XXDNE1
Russia (SER)GT-N5110GALAXY Note 8.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2N5110XXCMK1
Russia (SER)SM-G900HGALAXY S54.4.2G900HXXU1ANE2
Saudi Arabia (WTL)GT-I9060GALAXY Grand Neo4.2.2I9060XXUAML9
Saudi Arabia (ACR)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
Saudi Arabia (KSA)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE5
Saudi Arabia (ACR)SM-C1114.4.2C111XXU1ANE1
Saudi Arabia (KSA)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.3I9505XXUEMK9
Saudi Arabia (KSA)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
Saudi Arabia (JED) (JED)GT-I9103GALAXY R2.3.6I9103JPLD1
Singapore (XSP)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
Slovakia (XSK)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Slovenia (SIO)SM-T900GALAXY TabPRO 12.2 Wi-Fi4.4.2T900XWUAND2
Slovenia (SIO)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Slovenia (Mobitel) (MOT)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Slovenia (Si.mobil) (SIM)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
South Africa (XFE)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
South Africa (XFA)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
South Africa (Vodafone) (GT-N8020RWDXFV)GT-N8020GALAXY Note
South Africa (Vodafone) (XFV)GT-N8020GALAXY Note
South Africa (Vodafone) (XFV)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1AND9
South America (Moviestar) (CRM)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505VJUGNE2
South East Europe (SEE)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
South Korea (SKT)SM-N900SGALAXY Note 34.4.2N900SKSUENE4
South Korea (SKT)SM-N900SGALAXY Note 34.4.2N900SKSUENE1
Spain (PHE)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Spain (PHE)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0AND2
Spain (FOP)GT-S8500Wave2S8500XXLA1
Spain (Vodafone) (ATL)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Sri Lanka (SLK)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNC1
Sri Lanka (SLK)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNE4
Sweden (Tre) (GT-I8190TADHTS)GT-I8190GALAXY S III mini4.1.1I8190NEALK6
Sweden (Tre) (HTS)GT-I8190GALAXY S III mini4.1.2I8190XXANC2
Switzerland (AUT)SM-T900GALAXY TabPRO 12.2 Wi-Fi4.4.2T900XWUAND2
Switzerland (AUT)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Switzerland (AUT)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANE3
Switzerland (Swisscom) (SWC)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)SM-G900HGALAXY S54.4.2G900HXXU1ANE2
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)GT-N5100GALAXY Note
Tunisia (TUN)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANCD
Tunisia (ABS)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.3N7100XXUENA1
Tunisia (TUN)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
Tunisia (ABS)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFND4
Turkey (TUR)GT-S7560GALAXY Trend4.0.4S7560XXBND2
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0ANE2
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-T2314.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-G900HGALAXY S54.4.2G900HXXU1ANE2
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-T900GALAXY TabPRO 12.2 Wi-Fi4.4.2T900XWUAND2
United Arab Emirates (LYS)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFND4
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANDB
United Arab Emirates (XSI)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE5
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
United Arab Emirates (LYS)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1AND9
United Arab Emirates (XSG)GT-I9515GALAXY S4 VE4.4.2I9515XXU1AND3
United Arab Emirates (Etisalat) (KSZ)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE5
United Arab Emirates (Etisalat) (KSZ)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.3I9505XXUEMK9
United Kingdom (BTU)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0ANE2
United Kingdom (Black Edition)(BTU)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNC4
United Kingdom (O2) (O2U)GT-S8500Wave2S8500BWLF1
Unknown (XJP)SM-T210GALAXY Tab3 7.0 Wi-Fi4.1.2T210OPANC1
Unknown (XAC)GT-N5110GALAXY Note 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2N5110XXDNE1
Unknown (GHA)GT-S5300GALAXY Pocket2.3.6S5300XXLK2
Unknown (OMD)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Unknown (XST)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE5
Unknown (XSN)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE5
Unknown (XSB)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE5
Unknown (XSZ)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE5
Uzbekistan (CAC)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2


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Excuse me what time the game updates 4.4.
to note 3 n900


SIM card removed The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted SAMSUNG YOU NEED TO SORT THIS


and its GT-I9505


when is 4.4.4 out for Samsung galaxy s4 o2 uk?? if it is out can someone give me the link to download please


mrb samsung galaxy s4 GT-I9505 xxubmf7 KitKat 4.3 and 4.4.2 updates will come when it is not in kies


mrb samsung galaxy s4 GT-I9505 xxubmf7 4.3 ve 4.4.2 kitkat ne zaman gelecek kieste yok bu güncellemeler


when will the 4.4 kitkat firmware update for note 2 Greece (Eur) will be release?

basel seijari1
basel seijari1

Please I Need 4.4.3 Update For My Galaxy S5 Because Its Lagging And Slow ):!!!!!


Update KitKat for Galaxy S3 i9305???????????????????!!!!


E a atualização pro 4.4.2 do Galaxy S3 LTE ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Samsung Give her back toward mid-ranged GT-I9082 which is newer than S4.
So we Give our back towards samsung mid-ranged mobiles. Bye Samsung and welcome to Sony and LG.


Hello ! When will Samsung release Kitkat 4.4.x for S4 GT-I9506 ( i9506XXUQDNE4 ) ?


Hello! Galaxy Express I8730 Kitkat? PLS


Android 4.3 or even Android 4.2.2, which had already been promised since its launch.


Waiting for Update to Note 2 in region XEO and XEH (Poland and Hungary)


i9305 kitkat update pls 🙂


Even the mini S3 will receive and Grand Duos GT-I9082L will not!


No kidding? The 4 years old Samsung Wave received bada 2.0 firmware on O2 in the UK just yesterday? WOW!


How sad. Samsung you really got my hopes up that the N8000 will receive an update to 4.4.2 but clearly not anytime soon


where’s KK for Mega 6.3??!!


No touchwiz update for galaxy s4. because samsung gimmky company


Sense 6 update starts rolling out for the HTC One M7. but samsung did not update s5 futures on s4, No support for galaxy s4, that’s the different between htc and samsung,
samsung has a money hungry company.They dont care about old customers.If you are still supporting samsung you are so stupid. because samsung gimmky company


Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period.