Samsung Kick is an upcoming app for football fans, will offer live stats and match info

With the FIFA World Cup kicking off in less than a month, football is going to be on the minds of millions around on the world, and Samsung is going after those millions with its new Samsung Kick app. The app will be launched in the near future, and will offer football fans access to live results and stats, team and player rankings, information on major leagues and competitions in the world, and, of course, on all the matches that will be played during the World Cup. The app will offer real-time info before a match gets underway, and detailed statistics after and during a match, including stats on shots on goal, possession, passing, and cards handed to players.

Samsung Kick will also update users with details on their favorite players and teams automatically, and all of it can be shared with others on social networks. Furthermore, the app will also offer articles on important moments of a match, aggregating them from multiple sources. According to the folks over at imidoresc.ro, who got to play with a beta version of the app, Samsung Kick works pretty well and has only a few issues that are easily fixable. The app should launch before the World Cup starts, and will likely be exclusive to Samsung’s own phones and tablets, at least at launch.

Head over to the source link to get a full hands-on of Samsung Kick.

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