The standard Galaxy S5 will be dust and water proof

It looks like Samsung may not need to launch a rugged version of the Galaxy S5, as sources in the know indicated that the regular Galaxy S5 will be dust and water resistant. Samsung is said to be intent on including dust and water resistant features in its high-end handsets this year, and it looks like the manufacturer is going to start with the Galaxy S5. An anonymous source said, “For the previously released Galaxy S4, water-proof and dust-proof capabilities were adapted to the handset’s variants. But for the Galaxy S5, the standard model will have them immediately.”

The rumor contradicts earlier rumors that indicated that Samsung is working on an Active version of the Galaxy S5 that will be dust and water resistant, and that it is looking to accrue 25 percent of all Galaxy S5 sales from this device. In addition to dust and water resistant features, the Galaxy S5 is said to come with a finger scanner that is built into the home button. Samsung is alleged to be using US fingerprint solution maker Validity’s chips for finger scanning functionality in the Galaxy S5, and will use ultra violet coating on the home button. Earlier rumors indicated an embedded sensor that negates the need for a home button, but if Samsung is using hardware by Validity, it is likely that the sensor would be embedded into the home button. The Galaxy S5 will be officially unveiled next week at the Mobile World Congress.


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