Verizon readying Galaxy Note 10.1 update that adds Samsung’s WatchON and S Educate apps

Verizon is preparing to roll out a new update to the original Galaxy Note 10.1 in the coming days, and has offered some details on what the update will bring. Well, it seems like the update is aimed purely at adding a couple of Samsung apps and make them default and non-removable – these include Samsung WatchON, which lets you control your TV and acts as a program guide for supported channels, and S Educate, which is basically an education app that lets students watch videos on various subjects like math, science or history and also test their skills via various inbuilt and downloadable tests.

The update should begin rolling out soon, and will bring the tablet’s software version up to JZ054K.I925VRAMK1. Hit the source link for more details on the update, though the screenshot below pretty much sums up the entire changelog. Too bad the Android 4.3 update is still missing, Samsung really needs to show some love to its first 10.1-inch Note.


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3 years 3 months ago

When i’ve bought first edition note 10.1 and received 4.1.2 update, it was a major changing in using tablet ui. But i do agreed with previous post that who state it’s waste of money to buy a new one when Samsung seems forget to give a new face for the Older one. Hard to believe wnile the ownevs is waiting for new update, we have to buy a new one. Why Samsung did not act like Apple ??

3 years 3 months ago

im now realty mad at myself for purchasing 10.1….no update to 4.3 by now…..then I should forget about 4.4 then….recently I came about an article indication how using os from third party can be so messy and hard to keep up with the upgrade…if in the next six month…no update comes then I have to go to apple…or better still switch to nexus….samsung sucks now…forget 2014 same situation will apply….mtsheeewww…..

3 years 3 months ago

What a disappointment. N8000 bought in early 2013 and since then no update. Android is now in version 4.4.2 N8000 and continues in version 4.1.2: no multi user without new functions Spen, etc. Never buy anything from Samsung. I believe that if I buy the 2014 version Note’ll be in the same situation. It seems that they are already launching new versions of Tablet 10.1 and that 2014 will also be forgotten. Samsung needs to respect its consumers. I can not look over the site and see beautiful and wonderful news of a Sansung that does not exist. Excuse me.

3 years 3 months ago

Please update to android 4.4 kitkat because we waited this update for so long.