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Samsung Display published a video on their own website showing of the future in display technology. Samsung showed this video at their own Analyst day 2013. As known Samsung is the biggest innovator in Display technology. Samsung already said that we will see more flexible displays in the near future. At this moment Samsung already has one device with a curved display which is the Galaxy Round. If you want to read our review please follow this link.

Below the video of Samsung Display showing of the next displays:
– Flexible & Sensor integrated Display
– Wall display
– Foldable Display Alarm clock
– Bended Display for kitchen
– Automotive Window Display
– Blackboard Display
– Unbreakable Display for school
– Edu-Desk system
– Transparent Elevator
– 3-Foldable Display
– Wearable Display
– Smart Window
– Foldable & Sensor Integrated Display
– Transparent Large Format Display

We can’t wait to see some concept in real world.

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4 years 24 days ago

Is that also Apple’s vision as well?

4 years 24 days ago

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooow that’s the futrue !!!!

4 years 25 days ago

sammy in this video ditched stupid android with tizen cause they said they want an os that work with all there devices but we wont see this happened until 2015 🙁

4 years 25 days ago

Just can say WoW