Samsung SM-W750V could be new Windows Phone 8 device

At the moment, Nokia has a very strong hold on the Windows Phone market, enjoying an unchallenged reign with more than 90 percent market share. But with the Finnish company to be soon acquired by Microsoft and with its name to be removed from all smartphones post acquisition, it looks like Samsung is thinking of attacking the Windows Phone market once again, in the hopes that with Nokia’s name no more on smartphones, there will be a higher chance of consumers looking towards other brands when picking up a device running on Microsoft’s mobile OS (I mean, come on, it’s gonna be tough selling “Microsoft Lumia” phones).

Leading the charge could be a device with model number SM-W750V, which has appeared on Indian shipping company Zuaba’s website. It has a 5-inch display of unknown resolution, and judging by the price of a single unit (Rs. 33,245), it is most likely a flagship-class handset. The shipping record doesn’t mention any specs, but with the latest Windows Phone update allowing support for high-end hardware like quad-core processors and 1080p Full HD screens, the SM-W750V could have specs similar to the Galaxy S4, and would go up against Nokia devices like the Lumia 1020/1520.

Any of you interested in a Windows Phone 8 phone from Samsung, or do you think Nokia’s phone are the better deal when it comes to the budding mobile operating system?


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