Samsung will retire its SmartThings app for Windows Phone starting April 2017

Samsung-owned SmartThings has announced on its official blog that it is retiring its Windows Phone app on April 1, 2017. This comes as a big blow to users who were using Windows Phone devices to control SmartThings compatible IoT products.

The company mentioned in its official blogpost that it would retire the app as it can no longer “provide the desired level of updates and support” for the platform. This is a quite reversal from the company’s commitment less than a year ago to provide monthly updates to its Windows Phone app.

Version 1.7.0 now offers support for Windows 10 features. Barring unforeseen issues, this version will continue to function (with Windows Phone 10 Anniversary update). On April 1, 2017 version 1.7.0 will be removed from the Windows app store, and it will no longer be possible to download it and install it onto a new device. We will continue to offer technical support through June 2017 for existing users.

A lot of brands and services are dropping support for Windows Phone devices as the mobile operating system’s market share has been dropping drastically. Even Samsung stopped manufacturing Windows Phone-powered smartphones as there is almost no consumer demand.


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Krish Sahu
Krish Sahu

That’s surprising news!! Samsung comes with some great mobiles like Samsung on5 specification. Let’s see how this new change will compete in the market.


I’m not surprised, Windows phone is dead. Microsoft have been making a great job of integrating Windows apps like Office and email with Android, there’s no point in supporting a failed mobile OS. I think Microsoft themselves have just about given up on it.