Samsung’s new ATIV Clock app precedes Windows Phone 8.1 update for ATIV phones

Samsung has been quiet on its plans to update its ATIV smartphones to Windows Phone 8.1, but the company has now indirectly confirmed that the update is certainly coming, and it’s coming soon. Samsung has launched a new app for Windows Phone called ATIV Clock, and oddly, the app is only supported on Windows Phone 8.1, which is as good as a sign as any that the Korean manufacturer is going to update its devices to the feature-packed latest version of Microsoft’s underdog operating system in the near future.

The ATIV Clock app allows users to select a custom time zone and then see that time through a Live Tile on the Start screen, taking advantage of Windows Phone 8.1 ability to update Live Tiles in real-time, and also allows adding calendar events based on the time in different cities and countries. The app is currently available on the Windows Phone Store; Samsung will likely roll out the Windows Phone 8.1 update very soon, unless it intends to let the ATIV Clock app remain useless and inaccessible to any Windows Phone device out there.




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