Galaxy S5 camera might not have optical image stabilization

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Optical image stabilization (OIS) has become quite an important feature on smartphones these days, with manufacturers like Nokia, HTC, and LG having implemented it on their flagship devices’ cameras. The Galaxy Note 3 was originally rumored to have OIS as well, and while that didn’t pan out, the rumor mill started pointing towards the Galaxy S5 as being the first Samsung flagship that would have OIS (the Galaxy S4 Zoom already has it, but that’s more of a camera than a smartphone).

However, a report by ETNews suggests that even the Galaxy S5’s camera might miss out on optical image stabilization, as Samsung’s supply partners will be unable to manufacture enough components. For the amount of units that Samsung sells of each of its flagships, that isn’t surprising, and the lack of OIS will be quite disappointing (especially if you go by how finicky and shaky the Galaxy Note 3 is when taking pictures, often resulting in blurry pictures).

Samsung has been reportedly looking at producing its own camera modules, and that might be the only way left for them if OIS is a feature they want to flaunt when unveiling their next flagship. Fingers crossed they find a solution in time, instead of making us wait till the Galaxy Note 4.


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