Samsung Galaxy Round goes on sale in South Korea this week

Gear up folks, well, at least if you’re in South Korea this week: Samsung’s Galaxy Round, the world’s first smartphone to feature a curved “flexible” display, will go on sale in the country this week. The official price is set at around 1,089,000 won (~$1000) – a steep price, but for a first of its kind device that will (seemingly) kick of the market of “flexible displays”, it was never expected that Samsung would price it sensibly.

The Galaxy Round is basically a Galaxy Note 3 when it comes to the hardware and specs (though there’s no S Pen support), but the 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display is curved at the sides. Samsung is using a flexible display panel, which means it is made up of a plastic substrate instead of glass, making it much more durable and almost “unbreakable.” The flexible nature is also what allows the handset to be curved in the first place, and a Roll Effect feature allows users to press down on one side of the device to check out the time and notifications at a glance.

We’ll be reviewing the Galaxy Round once we get our hands on it, which should be around a week after it launches in South Korea. Until then, the videos below should give you a quick glance at the device, if you haven’t already seen them before.


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