Expected release date Android 4.3 for Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Note II

Now that we finally know that Samsung started testing the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Note II. The big question is: When will Samsung update the three devices to Android 4.3. We expect that Samsung will update the Galaxy S4 in October. The Galaxy S3 is expected to be released around October end / November. We expect Samsung to update the Galaxy Note II around November end / December. Samsung probably want to give the Note III a couple of exclusive months before the Note 2 will get those features. All three the devices are expected to get more functions and the latest Touch Wiz interface.
We also can confirm that Samsung is busy to test Android 4.3 for their Galaxy Mega series.

Samsung promised to bring Android 4.3 as fast as possible.
Let’s hope everything goes according to plan.


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