Verizon begins pre-orders for Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, shipping from October 10th

As promised, Verizon has opened the doors for consumers to pre-order the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, with shipping to begin from October 10th. The pricing that was leaked before is in effect officially – $299.99 for the Note 3 on a two-year contract, $699.99 unsubsidized, and zero if taken on Verizon’s Edge upgrade plan (which will let you upgrade from your current device after you complete one year of ownership.)

As for the Galaxy Gear, Verizon isn’t selling it separately, at least for now, so you’ll have to buy the bundle of the Note 3 and Gear if you really want the smartwatch from Verizon. However, there’s no price discount on the bundle – the bundle will cost you $599.98 on a two-year contract, and a whopping $999.98 if you don’t wish to commit to any contracts, so you’ll be paying $299.99 for the watch either way. Too bad.


The Galaxy Note 3 will be offered in black and white paint jobs, while the Galaxy Gear will be available in black and orange, though you’ll be able to get a white one if you buy the bundle that includes the white Note 3. Hit the links below to place a pre-order for either the Note or the whole bundle.

Galaxy Note 3, Note 3 Black + Galaxy GearNote 3 White + Galaxy Gear



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Typical of Verizon to skimp on needed accessories just like they didn’t give out the 50GB on DropBox for 2 years like other carriers did. Typical screw the consumer move.

I still ordered mine, never use the included earbuds anyways (dual hearing aids) and its too risky to lose or damage them at $5k per set for replacements.


Still no ear buds. According to Verizon’s web site, the in the box tab, no ear buds.
Shame on you Verizon.