Samsung wins 5 EISA awards

EISA or European Imaging and Sound Association has been giving awards to electronic products after a thorough judgment from 50 special interest magazines based in 20 countries in EU. This year, five Samsung products have won the EISA Award. The first product to get the European Smart TV award is the UE55F8000 TV. The panel found F8000’s Smart TV features useful along with gesture control and S Recommendation engine.

Next up are the two NX cameras – Galaxy NX and NX300. The Galaxy NX takes the Photo Innovation tag due to its Android OS that allows users to share or backup the pictures quickly and easily. NX300 is the Compact System Camera that offers a number of photographic features in a compact form factor.

The last two devices are the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S4 mini. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 is the Green Phone for its minimal environmental burden while Galaxy S4 mini earns the Social phone tag due to the inclusion of social apps like Group Play, ChatON and S Health.

EISA Award list

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Nice, congrats SamSung!