Did Samsung confirm a new Galaxy device: the Galaxy S4 Mega?

Samsung recently updated their own WhatchON application. Together with bug fixes.But did Samsung confirm a upcoming Galaxy device? Samsung confirmed the Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy Active and also a new device the Galaxy S4 Mega. We are not sure if this is typo by Samsung, but for us the device is new. We do know Samsung will bring their own Galaxy Mega line out soon, but we didn’t hear anything about the Galaxy S4 Mega. We will keep a close eye on that.

View the screenshot below.

Thanks Marius

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3 years 11 months ago

WatchON will be available on other devices – we’ll be highlighting this with Sammobile in the coming weeks – including an opportunity for you to win a Note 8.0 wifi edition with WatchON pre-installed.

4 years 7 days ago

I’m sure that they wanted to say Samsung Mega (5.8 and 6.3). Those have IR blaster too.

4 years 8 days ago

Typo or not. Could be the GS4 Zoom they’re forgot to add on to that list. Or……

4 years 8 days ago

Will the WatchON app be available for the S3 as well or only on the S4 series?

4 years 8 days ago

Impossible on S3,as it doesn’t have an infrared blaster.

4 years 8 days ago

Maybe… according actual studies, the customers wants big screens for games, working, imaging, ect, but also many users don’t need power or performance, the MEGA series have big screen and medium performance, is possible that samsung have thinked to make big screens with high performance, and what better option than the galaxy s4 with big screen.
Of course: See to believe!