Galaxy S4′s Korean variant (SHV-E300S/K) to feature Exynos 5 Octa clocked at 1.8GHz, confirmed by FCC

The Samsung Galaxy S4′s Korean variant (SHV-E300S/K) will support an Exynos 5 Octa CPU clocked at 1.8GHz. The device has just passed through FCC certification in the United States of America and the documents on the FCC’s website reveal this information.

According to the FCC documents, the Korean version of the Galaxy S4 will have an Exynos 5 Octa CPU with a clockspeed of 1800MHz (1.8GHz) whereas the Global Variant of the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) is clocked at 1600MHz (1.6GHz), this makes the Korean variant 200MHz faster. The documents also reveal that the Korean Galaxy S4 supports multi-band LTE (Band 3,5,1,7,17) too. The device is scheduled to be made available between a time frame of late April to early May.


Source: FCC | Via: Rbmen
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4 years 24 days ago

Sammy I think you have really messed up.
So if I understand well we will have 3 processors
1.Snapdragon clocked at 1.9
2.Exynos clocked to 1.6
3.Exynos Clocked to 1.8

I will not be surprised if sammy announced the next days more Processors
All the eastern Europe Customers who was born in the first half of the year and they are more than 80Kgrs will have the Exynos 1.7Ghz version .
Now if you are Eastern European who was born in the second half of the year and you are less than 80Kgrs and married with woman more than 100kgr you will take the snapdragon version clocked at 1.56GHZ

4 years 24 days ago

amen , true brother :P you cannot deny it`s fair policy, no argue that :DDDD Samsung strategy is so LOL :( sadly to say

4 years 24 days ago

Samsung we are claiming not option to choose Octa processor for many countries, because we like your high tech best :P and want to have chance to decide and buy by ourselves :) you understand that sure.

4 years 25 days ago

What he said yeah. Exynos 5 Octa > Snapdragon 600

4 years 25 days ago

waiting for benchmarks of I 9500 1.6Ghz version.I’ll only buy then
I think previous benchmarks were of 1.8 Ghz version

4 years 25 days ago

So you are basically saying that the Korean Exynos 5 Octa version is coming to the USA. That makes me very happy and I hope it is coming to Sprint. :)

4 years 25 days ago

Not long ago, I read here(sammobile) that all the octa-core would be 1.8Ghz: was a wrong notice??


4 years 25 days ago

Version tested i9500 in vietnam is 1.8GHz.

4 years 25 days ago

i want to use Exynos 5 with clock speed 1.8….
LTE Versions are supports 3G and also 2G
why Always korean version is better than other countries???
if this is true Im going to buy HTC One
why i pay for this??…there is no defrence between korea and other asian countries
so other counteries are want to Use Best Version ((Exynos 5 Octa with Clock speed Of 1.8 GHz))

4 years 25 days ago

I am officially confused with Samsung this year. Most sites saying that Exynos is better with battery so i am gonna get the Exynos one. I don’t really care about the LTE because i live in Greece and LTE support is limited here. But if there is a chance in 2 months to have an LTE version of Exynos i can wait cause SIII is an awesome phone. Or the Exynos that already comes has LTE?

Can someone answers these?

4 years 25 days ago

Pesta file.Ta idia eipa ki egw otan akousa gia ayta ta pragmata peri cpu’s. I really agree with you man. Many people haved confused this year with Samsung and his strange moves. The better way is to bring us the both versions and give the choice to we choose what we need and what we want.Like galaxy S3. Simple things