Check out our Galaxy Buds video review on YouTube

We just published our detailed Galaxy Buds review here on SamMobile. Do give it a read if you’re curious about whether or not Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds are worth your money. As some of you have probably noticed by now, we’re also increasingly doing video reviews of the devices that we try out.

That’s the case for the Galaxy Buds as well. Our video team has created a nice video review for the Galaxy Buds. It’s up now on YouTube so you can check it out right away. We’ve embedded it below so that you can view it easily. Don’t forget to like the video and share your views about the device in the comments section.


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I have issue with my left bud when i am on talking or listening sometime left bud is at 0battery it happens to me like once or twice a week, i have to repush left bud to case so it gets fit to charging pins dont knw whats the issue only with left bud. I am using this since march, Cons = 1. No dust or water resistant see price still bigger downfall at below price other r water/sweat resistant. 2. Bass friendly ? Big NO If u want bass dont buy cuz its just a clear sound not for… Read more »


Bass is completely cool I don’t know what you’re talking about