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5 reasons why the Galaxy A53 shouldn’t feel threatened by the Pixel 6a


Last updated: May 19th, 2022 at 15:11 UTC+02:00

Google shook the mid-range smartphone market at its I/O 2022 event earlier this month when it announced the Pixel 6a. Priced at $449 and sharing the same Tensor chipset as the Pixel 6 Pro, the 6a sounds like a dangerous competitor to the Galaxy A53. Should Samsung worry?

We’ve discussed the Pixel 6a and Galaxy A53 in a new video on our YouTube channel, which you can find below. We looked at five reasons why the Galaxy A53 remains the better phone than the Pixel 6a, including display, storage, battery, video camera performance, and long-term firmware support.

The Galaxy A53 is technically superior in all of these areas. It has a brighter display with double the refresh rate and better Gorilla Glass protection.

Furthermore, Samsung’s mid-range phone offers expandable storage and has a larger battery with 25W fast charging capabilities instead of 18W.

And believe it or not, Samsung promises better firmware support for the Galaxy A53 than Google does for its Pixel 6a. The Korean tech giant should release four major Android OS upgrades for the Galaxy A53, whereas Google promises only three.

So, by their end of life, the Galaxy A53 will be running a newer version of Android OS than the Pixel 6a, even though the latter is supposed to deliver the best, unaltered Android experience on the market.

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