Samsung SmartThings hub went down for no apparent reason in the US

SmartThings users in North America began experiencing issues with the smart home hub yesterday. The SmartThings hub had gone down for no apparent reason thus making it difficult for users to control devices that require the hub to function. Compatible devices include smart lights, door locks, garage doors and more. The company didn’t really explain what had caused the downtime.

The issues were first acknowledged by SmartThings at 2 pm ET yesterday. It confirmed in a tweet that its teams were investigating the issues impacting users and also apologized for any inconvenience caused. It kept providing updates on the situation through Twitter and its status page.

SmartThings down

As you can probably imagine, many customers were frustrated by this prolonged downtime as their smart home devices stopped functioning. Soon enough, there were countless posts on social media about SmartThings not working.

The company has since resolved most of the problems that started appearing yesterday. “The issues impacting North American users have been largely addressed and we are seeing improvements to app loading and device control,” SmartThings said in a follow-up tweet. It added that teams will continue to work on restoring full functionality and will update when that happens.

While SmartThings hasn’t revealed the root cause, it said that the outage impacted US users’ ability to log into the app and control devices, adding that the root cause was addressed by 9:16 pm PT.

A small subset of users continued to face issues related to installing and editing automations until the following morning but SmartThings is now confident that those issues have been put to bed as well. The company continues to closely monitor its systems to ensure there isn’t a repeat of this.


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