Samsung fans can’t wait to move on to better devices

There’s a lot that we want to move on from. 2020, which will forever be known as the year of the COVID pandemic, has been a true rollercoaster. Millions of people across the globe have been seriously impacted by the crisis. Even as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, we do what we must while hoping for better days.

Samsung was quite quick to adapt last year. The pandemic hit its peak not too long after its Galaxy S20 series was released. That likely dented the sales momentum for what were some of Samsung’s most expensive smartphones. It dubbed the uncertain times the “Next Normal” and went about making some significant changes.

The company adapted by unveiling the Galaxy S20 FE a few months later. It was only of the most affordably priced near-flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S20 FE was created mainly to cater to customers at a time when they were being much more careful with how they spent their money.

The pandemic is far from over. It wouldn’t keep Samsung from launching its new Galaxy S series, though. The company understood that it needed to shake things up a bit. A price cut was definitely needed for the new flagships. While some may not agree with ditching chargers and earphones to reduce the price, at least the Galaxy S21 is more attainable than its predecessor.

What we find incredible is that Samsung balanced the necessity of the price cut with the need to reinvigorate the Galaxy S lineup. As I’ve already said before, the Galaxy S21 series beats Apple at the design game, and that’s no easy feat. Nevermind the fact that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is packed to the gills with the best tech.

After literally falling in love with the Galaxy S21 for purely its design, I can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store for us next, particularly in its foldable lineup. The design choices that Samsung makes with new Galaxy S handsets at the start of the year are often shared with other high-end phones later in the year.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is already quite a premium device with killer looks. There’s literally no alternative to it. Imagine, though, a new Galaxy Z Fold device with design elements from the Galaxy S21 series. The seamless Contour Cut camera housing, made out of metal no less, would just elevate its design to another level. The same goes for Samsung’s new color options and the matte finish. Just thinking about a foldable device like that brings a big smile to my face!

Samsung is going to launch multiple foldable smartphones this year. There’s going to be a successor to the Galaxy Z Flip which will likely be released in the next few months. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 would probably arrive in the second half of this year. There are also rumors of a more affordable Galaxy Z Fold Lite. There’s still a lot that the company can excite us with.

I believe that if Samsung sticks with its new design language and applies it across most of its high-end devices, the foldables in particular, then it might just see a surge in sales even during these turbulent times.

Never has a flagship Galaxy device looked as premium as the Galaxy S21 series does. As a Samsung fan, I can’t wait for us to move on to even better devices. Something tells me we may not be disappointed.

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