Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be ‘slimmer and lighter’, Samsung vows

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have a design that’s both “slimmer and lighter” than its predecessor as Samsung continues refining its foldable smartphone formula. In a presentation at this year’s Samsung Investor Forum, the South Korean company said that even though foldable devices still aren’t a mainstream product category, it is adamant to turn them into one moving forward. Improving on its existing designs is a big part of that plan, both from an end-user perspective and the standpoint of cost-effectiveness.

The Galaxy Z series will be at the center of those ambitions, as per the same presentation. Samsung intends to refine its latest smartphone family with other emerging technologies in order to boost its competitiveness in the long term, though the company is still vague on the details of those efforts.

Samsung will keep refining both the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold form factors

By the looks of things, Samsung will continue iterating on both the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold form factors. Recent rumors of a third foldable smartphone concept that stretches being in the works remain unconfirmed.

Regardless, the extra screen real estate that fits into a pocket is among the top reasons that motivated the purchases of the Galaxy Z-series devices since Samsung introduced the new lineup in 2019, according to an internal customer survey. Coupled with the novelty of its foldable designs which Samsung believes it can continue refining in meaningful ways, it’s only a matter of time before this smartphone category becomes “the next big thing” that we have been hearing about for about a decade at this point.

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