If this is how the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks like, Samsung needs to wake up


Last updated: September 29th, 2021 at 20:43 UTC+01:00

The Galaxy S22 series is rumored to consist of at least three models, the best of which might have a dedicated S Pen slot and other Note-like design elements. Early renders depicting what could be the Galaxy S22 Ultra emerged a few days ago, and all the promising bits and pieces aside (such as the S Pen slot and uniform metallic frame), I think it’s safe to say that most of us hate the purported camera housing design.

On one hand, early unofficial Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ renders indicate that the two phones will refine the existing camera housing design that was introduced by the Galaxy S21 series.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will seemingly take a step back and revert to a less refined camera housing design that doesn’t wrap around the top-left corner of the phone. Instead, early leaks suggest that the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera housing looks like Samsung tacked it on to the back panel. It’s outdated, and it doesn’t make the Galaxy S or Note series justice.

Samsung had the right design formula already!

Samsung’s been toying around with various design languages over the years, but we felt like the company stumbled onto something great when it unveiled the Galaxy S21 series earlier this year. The new design language was refined and seemed more thought-out than any others before it.

Now, assuming that the recently leaked Galaxy S22 Ultra renders are even close to accurate, Samsung appears to have lost the confidence from its previous design decisions. Will Samsung ever be fully confident in this regard? We might never know, but if the company will indeed release the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a protruding, off-putting camera design, then someone will have to answer some questions because this indecisiveness we’re seeing every single year is becoming more than a nuisance.

Over the years, Samsung fans have only asked for a little bit of consistency from one generation of smartphones to the next, but sadly, Samsung doesn’t always seem to realize when it’s done something right and when it hasn’t. Case in point, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has one of the best camera housing designs in years (if not the best). But here we are, mere months away from the next Galaxy Unpacked event, worrying about Samsung possibly botching the design again.

Anyhow, feel free to let us know if you’re a fan of the Galaxy S21’s wrap-around camera housing design. Or perhaps you think that Samsung should indeed revert to an older camera housing design for the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra. If so, feel free to leave an explanation in the comment section and/or our social media platforms.

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