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Spotify will let you see what your friends are listening to on your Galaxy phone


Last updated: June 24th, 2022 at 12:11 UTC+02:00

Apart from other features, it is the social features that make Spotify arguably the best music streaming app that you can have either on your mobile phone or use on a desktop. It also happens to be Samsung’s preferred music streaming service. You can share your playlists and even see what your friends have been listening to. However, the latter feature wasn’t available for mobile users. But that is going to change soon.

According to a new report by TechCrunch, Spotify is finally bringing the friend activity to their mobile app with the “Community” feature. Notably, this feature is already available for the desktop version, and now it will soon be available for Spotify mobile users.

iOS users can access it right away with a trick, Android users have to wait

Using this feature, Spotify users will be able to discover what their friends are listening to. Spotify is currently testing the “Community” feature, which would be an expansion of the friends activity desktop app.

Chris Messina on Twitter discovered this feature earlier this month, even before Spotify officials acknowledged the feature. You will be able to view your friend’s listening activity and updates to their public playlists. You can also see your friend’s recent song selections and what they are actively streaming, which will be indicated with an animated equalizer icon next to their name.

While the feature is under development for Spotify Android and iOS users, there is a trick via which iOS users can access the page right away. Simply typing “spotify:community” into the Safari browser opens the page. However, the page isn’t functional as yet, and the songs don’t start playing when you start playing them.

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