Samsung’s new 90Hz OLED display will take laptops to the next level

You’ve been hearing a lot about high refresh rates since last year. Samsung wasn’t the first to bring 120Hz displays to its smartphones but its subsidiary was actually the one supplying them to others as well. Samsung Display remains one of the biggest suppliers of OLED displays and now it’s got an amazing new product for laptops.

Samsung Display has announced today that it’s going to mass produce the world’s first 90Hz OLED laptop displays in the first quarter of this year. Get ready for an influx of laptops touting this new panel.

Samsung’s 90Hz OLED display will be available in 14-inch size

The vast majority of laptop displays, LCD and OLED alike, have a 60Hz refresh rate. You can get absurdly high refresh rates like 300Hz in some gaming laptops from the likes of Razer and Asus. Those laptops utilize IPS displays, though, not OLED, they’re simply a type of LCD displays.

OLED is a superior technology and while there are laptops on the market already with OLED displays, they only provide a 60Hz refresh rate. That’s more than enough for general use but not the best for high FPS gaming. That’s why the new 90Hz panel is going to be a welcome addition.

Samsung Display Chief Executive Officer Joo Sun Choi has said that the company is going to produce “very large quantities” of its 14-inch 90Hz OLED display for laptops starting in March 2021. The company admits that a high-spec graphics card will be required to power the display. Considering where GPU prices are these days, you can bet that the initial models that get this display won’t exactly be cheap.

Samsung Display feels that customers will be quick to purchase laptops with 90Hz OLED displays because of the experience they provide. The company claims that its 90Hz OLED refresh rate is 10x the fastest screen response time on the market today and on part with a 120Hz LCD panel.

Expect the first laptops equipped with this new panel to arrive possibly in the second quarter of this year.

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