Samsung wins ‘Display of the Year’ for Galaxy Fold’s dual AMOLED panels

The dual-AMOLED panels of the seminal Galaxy Fold won Samsung a Display Industry Award (DIA) from the Society for Information Display (SID), one of the top honors in the field of contemporary display technologies. By pairing a foldable 7.3-inch screen with a 4.6-inch one sitting on the outside of the pioneering Android smartphone, Samsung managed to deliver a device that can not only operate three applications simultaneously, but do so in an unprecedentedly convenient manner, the DIA committee found.

Coupled with a high-resolution image quality on par with the Quad Extended Graphics Array (QXGA+) standard, an impressive 600 cd/m2 peak luminance, and a pure color gamut, the Galaxy Fold is nothing short of a remarkable achievement showcasing the full might of Samsung’s display tech prowess, DIA’s panel of judges concluded. Long story short, Samsung’s going home with one of the three “Display of the Year” honors given out at the newest edition of the prestigious awards.

Samsung still unfolding the potential of bendable AMOLED panels

Besides the curious AMOLED setup utilized by the Galaxy Fold, the 2020 DIAs also bestowed the same title to Apple’s Pro Display XDR and Boe Technology’s 65-Inch UHD BD Cell Display. However, Samsung’s triumph in this prestigious category remains unique by the fact it constitutes an entirely new take on electronic information displays. The only comparable achievement honored at the awards in this regard is Audi AG’s 7-inch OLED Virtual Mirror System, a winner in the “Display Application of the Year” category.

Samsung has been a mainstay at DIA ceremonies for years now, with its latest triumph underlining its decade of mobile display dominance. What remains to be seen is whether the company manages to continue pushing the bar of foldable mobile display quality with the Galaxy Fold 2. Its next bendable flagship is slated for an official announcement this summer, most likely in the first half of August.

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