Samsung trademarks J3 Star and J7 Star for future budget smartphones

Galaxy J series is an extremely confusing smartphone line-up from Samsung’s stable. Samsung launches dozens of Galaxy J series models with minor variation in specifications depending on the region, carrier, and the retailer selling them. Samsung also again rebrands some of these J series models into On series phones for online-only sales.

New budget smartphones in the pipeline?

Galaxy J series phones currently use Pro, Max, Nxt, Prime, and Ace as suffixes for model names. They are already too many of them to confuse customers, but Samsung apparently wants to add more. Samsung has filed trademark applications for the “J3 Star” and “J7 Star” monikers with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) on February 2, 2018.

It is not clear how these ‘Star’ models will be different from other J series variants in the Samsung’s smartphone line-up. Other than the names, no additional information about the devices is available currently. In fact, there is no guarantee these devices will even make it to the market as Samsung, like many other companies, often trademarks many names even though most of them may never turn into real products.

If Samsung does launch the J3 Star and J7 Star smartphones, they should be budget devices in accordance with the J series branding.

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