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I am sure those who make use of the app Game Recorder+ noticed that there was an update for the app listing today. But, I assume this was not the update you all have been waiting for since November. The update was to let us all know that Samsung plans to send the app the graveyard on February 28th, 2018. Game Recorder+ was launched back in 2015.

Game Recorder+ to get the boot

Those of you who are not familiar with what the app does, it is rather self-explanatory. The app allows one to record the screen as well as internal audio from the game, or external audio from the microphone.

Samsung has been cleaning up some of their unnecessary proprietary apps lately, and Game Recorder+ is the latest to go. Samsung hasn’t said precisely why it’s pulling this app. It could be that it never developed the kind of userbase that the company would have wanted for it.

Game Recorder+ users will no longer be able to record games from February 28th. They should back up the videos previously recorded via the app. If the app is deleted before backing up the videos then they will be deleted. The videos can be backed up by tapping on the save button on the recorded video. They will be saved in the Game Record folder on the handset.

For the heavy gamers into streaming, Samsung still has Game Live, which allows you to do just that; stream your gameplay using your Samsung device. Samsung’s other gaming-focused apps include Game Launcher and Game Tools.

Game Launcher neatly organizes all of your games in one place, allows easy downloads of new and popular games, as well as optimizes your device’s performance specifically for gameplay. Game Tools are in-game settings that allow you to block alerts during gameplay, screen record, screenshot, and eliminate accidental capacitive button presses.


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3 days 22 hours ago

They should send the Game Launcher to the graveyard rather than the Game Recorder+.

4 days 20 hours ago

Yeah, its not so bad, because the screen record function is built into game tools, which was built into Samsung phones since 2016 (they year after Gamer Recorder+ launched). So it really isn’t a big loss. Smart move. no point paying to maintain an app that isn’t being used

5 days 10 hours ago

Isn’t that at the time the galaxy launches might be they would update it in a way is what I think

5 days 14 hours ago

Typical for Samsung.just like they did with Samsung Link.

5 days 15 hours ago

Like with any new feature from Samsung … RIP.
Seems like the Samsung infrastructure is like a lot of tiny startups which open up / close down from month to month. This is (although I am not a fan, nor having one, before you start yelling fanboy!) where Apple will win any day; they are not great, but hell they are consistent.

5 days 16 hours ago

So the game recorder in the game tools will shut down? Or it’s just a de separate app?

5 days 13 hours ago

It a separate app so it’s not needed we have Game Launcher built in to most new models of Samsung phone well flagship anyway so who can blame them for getting rid of an app when most people don’t need it