Samsung officially introduces SmartThings in Germany

Samsung has officially launched its SmartThings range of home automation devices in Germany. SmartThings products, which include smart hubs, sensors and control devices, will be commercially available in Germany from September, 2019. Samsung also recently added a camera, WiFi smart plug and a smart bulb to its SmartThings portfolio. The new products are currently available in the US only.

Samsung brings SmartThings products to Germany

Samsung acquired SmartThings back in 2014 to strengthen its hold in the smart home category. SmartThings has since become Samsung’s umbrella-brand for all its IoT products and services. The SmartThings Hub, which supports ZigBee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth connectivity, connects to all other SmartThings products in the home. They can be controlled through the SmartThings app on a smartphone, tablet, Smart TV or a Family Hub refrigerator. SmartThings devices are also compatible with a variety of third-party products.

samsung smartthings germany

A SmartThings Wi-Fi Hub is also available, which offers the same functionality over a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, it enables consistent internet coverage throughout the home, thanks to its mesh functionality. It adapts to internet usage in the home to intelligently provide users with the fastest speed possible.

Prices of SmartThings products in Germany vary from 29.99 euros to 139.99 euros. The SmartThings Hub V3 costs 89.99 euros, whereas the Wi-Fi version costs 139.99 euros. Other products on offer include a motion sensor, multipurpose sensor, button, and a water leak sensor, all priced at 29.99 euros. There’s also a smart outlet which costs 44.99 euros. Samsung expects to begin selling the devices from September this year.

Samsung SmartThings Germany

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