Samsung now lets you compete against championship racing drivers

Ever wondered what it would feel like to race against some of the best racing drivers in the world? I have, but once the realization kicks in that it’s probably easier said than done, a simulator seems to be the best way to end that curiosity.

So if you find yourself in London by any chance, then do stop by the Samsung KX experience space in the Coal Drops Yard. The company has put up a very sophisticated racing simulator in its store that’s actually not a store.

Feel the g-forces racing drivers experience

A full-motion driving simulator has been installed at the Samsung KX experience space in London’s Coal Drops Yard. It pairs AXSIM’s Formula Simulator with Samsung’s The Wall Biz display. This 1.2m pixel super-sized luxury bespoke display delivers a mind-blowing esports experience.

The experience isn’t just about sitting in the pod and going crazy with the steering wheel. Its patented g-cueing technology will have you feeling the g-forces that racing drivers feel in real life. This technology was initially developed for training fighter jet pilots but is now also supplied to Formula 1 teams and professional drivers.

There is a range of circuits that you can experience and car models used for professional driver training. Those who are under the age of sixteen can experience this technology in passenger mode. It’s a pre-recorded simulation that effectively takes them on a simulated hot lap with a champion driver.

You can book your slot for the experience online.

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