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    Samsung monthly updates: April 2022 security patch gets detailed


    Last updated: April 5th, 2022 at 12:22 UTC+02:00

    Last week, Samsung started rolling out the April 2022 security update to the Galaxy S22 series. Yesterday, the update was released to the Galaxy S21 series Today, the South Korean firm published a list of privacy and security vulnerabilities that were fixed with its April 2022 security patch.

    The company said that its new security patch includes fixes from Google for 27 high-priority vulnerabilities and 18 moderate-priority vulnerabilities. It also consists of four fixes from Google's April 2022 security patch that do not apply to Samsung's devices, while six fixes were released by Samsung in the March 2022 security update.

    Which security vulnerabilities were fixed with Samsung's April 2022 security patch?

    Apart from a total of those 55 fixes from Google, Samsung fixed 33 vulnerabilities found in Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Some of those vulnerabilities include improper authentication vulnerability in S Secure and improper authentication in IMSService. They also have vulnerabilities related to improper access controls in S Secure, Samsung Contacts app, Knox Manage, StroageManager, and StroageManagerService.

    Samsung also fixed improper boundary check in Quram Agif library, media.extractor library, and UWB (Ultra Wideband) firmware. Heap-based buffer overflow and null pointer dereference vulnerabilities in various libsimba library functions. Improper input validation vulnerability in DSP driver, parser_infe, sheifd_find_itemIndexin, parser_iloc, and sheifd_find_itemIndexin functions have been fixed as well.

    The company also fixed information vulnerabilities in One UI Home, Samsung DeX Home, and ril property setting. Vulnerabilities related to improper validation vulnerability in SemSuspendDialogInfo, MediaMonitorDimension, MediaMonitorEvent, VerifyCredentialResponse, and SemBlurInfo functions were fixed with the April 2022 security update.

    All of this could be too technical for an average user, but if you are a developer or an enthusiast, you can read the full report on Samsung's website.

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