Samsung AI Forum kicks off with a powerful on-device AI translator demo

Samsung AI Forum 2019 kicked off earlier today at the Samsung Electronics R&D campus in Seoul. This year, the event accommodates more than 1,700 attendees and various experts from the field of artificial intelligence who will be discussing deep learning, natural language processing, and other facets of AI.

The event began earlier today with a demonstration of force. The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) revealed an on-device AI translator solution that doesn’t require cloud connectivity. The so-called SAIT Translator combines speech recognition and machine translation technologies to deliver an on-device AI translator that’s nearly as powerful as Google’s cloud-based solution, according to VP of SAIT, Hwang Sung-woo.

Samsung’s on-device AI translator may or may not launch with the Galaxy S11

The SAIT Translator was demonstrated on a Galaxy S10 that was disconnected from the Internet. The system overcame this challenge without any difficulties, and the AI began translating and transcribing full spoken sentences into text in real-time, from Korean to English.

Translating text and voice from one language to another using a smartphone in this day and age poses no problem, as long as the phone is connected to the Internet. Once you’re offline, however, the story is different. Your Galaxy Note 10 might be equipped with the latest S Pen and comes with a dedicated Translate app among other tools, but it’s not very useful when your phone is offline. The SAIT Translator pushes the idea of AI translation to a whole new level by putting the tech from the cloud directly into the palm of smartphone owners.

It sounds like the SAIT Translator is quite well developed so there might be a chance that it could turn into a real app in the foreseeable future. It may even debut with the Galaxy S11 series next year, but without additional information, this is just wishful thinking at this point. Still, the Galaxy S11 would probably make a great platform for the introduction of new AI-powered solutions, and even if the SAIT Translator won’t become available early next year, it’s still an impressive piece of tech that should eventually reach consumers, one way or another. Earlier this year, Samsung also unveiled its latest on-device NPU solution for better AI, so there’s a real push for making mobile devices smarter without having them rely on the cloud.

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