[Poll Results!] Which Galaxy Note 10 color do you like the most?

The Galaxy Note 10 series was officially announced today and Samsung revealed all the color options which will be available for both models. There are a total of six colors to choose from, two of which – red and blue – will be launching at a later date only in some countries and might not be available for both Note 10 models. The remaining flavors which should be available worldwide from day one are Aura White, Aura Black, and Aura Glow. Pink is also likely to be available for both models from day one, but it might not launch worldwide.

If you’re in the market for a smartphone wearing a striking color then Aura Glow is probably what you’re looking for. It’s the only color option for the Galaxy Note 10 series that has a gradient effect similar to – and yet still different from – Prism Silver on the Galaxy S10+. All the other Galaxy Note 10 color options are more subdued in this regard and come with a glossy finish. You should be able to get a clearer view from our hands-on experience.

Choosing the right color for your smartphone is entirely subjective and it can be an adventure in itself. You can either make up your mind in an instant or dwell on your options for a while. Or you might be unlucky and like a color option that won’t be available in your region. In the end, you’re hoping that you will make the right choice for a device which will accompany you almost everywhere you go for the next one or two years, or even longer.

Which Galaxy Note 10 color do you like the most? Vote in the poll below and join us in the comment section to discuss more about your color preference.

Results: Aura Glow appears to be the most popular color option with 42 percent of voters choosing it. There’s a very large gap between the first place and the rest, as only 16 percent of votes went towards the Red Galaxy Note 10/10+ in second place. Blue is the third most popular choice with 14 percent of votes, even though availability for both Red and Blue is limited by region. The fourth place with 13 percent of votes goes to Aura White, which is followed by Aura Black with 12 percent. Lastly, Pink was picked by 3 percent of voters.

Which Galaxy Note 10 color do you like the most?
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