Pokemon Go just got less annoying (and you should still play it on a Galaxy phone)


Last updated: September 1st, 2021 at 19:12 UTC+01:00

For more than one reason, the Galaxy smartphone family is still the optimal (or least annoying) platform for playing Pokemon Go. Especially if you’re serious about your quest to become the very best, like no one ever was. And to be fair, anyone still playing Pokemon Go in 2021 probably is.

Following that train of thought, here’s some good news for all you Pokemon-trainers-slash-Samsung-customers out there: Niantic’s hit game has just gotten more convenient. Or rather, Niantic caved in to the pressure and made it less annoying to play.

Namely, the San Francisco-based developer has permanently increased the in-game interaction radius to 80 meters, or 262 feet. Effectively doubling the original scope that it modified early last year. You know, when all that pandemic stuff started happening.

Why do hardcore Pokemon Go players tend to be Samsung customers?

While Niantic started reverting that change last month, it backtracked on the decision in a matter of days. Presumably due to a large-scale public outcry. So, moving forward, everyone will be able to interact with gyms and Pokestops from 80 meters out. The pro-consumer change arrived just in time for the new competitive season, which started today.

And if you’re still catching pocket monsters whenever you can without a Samsung device, it’s really time to consider getting one. Because the multi-accounting potential of even the entry-level Galaxy devices is second-to-none. I.e., you can easily operate three accounts at once from a modern Samsung smartphone. To be clear, doing so is in violation of the game’s end-user license agreement. But Niantic never much cared for multi-accounters, as evidenced by how rampant this practice still is among the hardcore player base.

In somewhat related news, there’s a new, different kind of Pokemon mobile game coming to your Galaxy devices this month. Its name is Pokemon Unite and instead of a location-based collect-a-ton, it’s a MOBA in the vein of League of Legends and DotA 2.

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