New Galaxy Book S gets certified by Bluetooth SIG

A new device in the Galaxy Book series has been approved by Bluetooth SIG. It’s being referred to as the Galaxy Book S and bears the model number SM-W767. The name alone suggests that the Galaxy Book S could be a refresh of the Galaxy Book 2 (SM-W737) rather than a direct successor. However, the timing is a bit off for a refresh given that the Book 2 is almost one year old and refreshes tend to be launched after six months or so.

We might know more about the Book S than Bluetooth SIG lets on

As usual, the Bluetooth certificate doesn’t reveal a lot about the hardware itself, aside from the fact that it will have Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities. However, last week a mysterious Samsung device was spotted on Geekbench under the name of Galaxy Space. We didn’t really know what to make of it, but it is powered by Windows 10 Home (32-bit) and has 8GB of RAM.

Now, we can’t confirm this at the moment, but it is possible that this so-called Galaxy Space might be the very same Galaxy Book S that received the green light from Bluetooth SIG earlier today. The Galaxy Book S is likely to run Windows 10 Home much like the Galaxy Book 2 does, and an upgrade from 4GB to 8GB of RAM would be most welcomed.

Additionally, while the previous Geekbench listing for the Galaxy Space didn’t reveal the chipset’s name, it did mention that the CPU is based on eight cores with a base frequency of 2.84GHz. This suggests that the device could employ the Snapdragon 855, which would be a considerable upgrade from the Snapdragon 850. The Galaxy Space also scored higher in Geekbench compared to the Galaxy Book 2, but do keep in mind that benchmark results for unreleased devices are not always accurate given the different stages of optimization.

We don’t have any details on when the Galaxy Book S might be planned for release, but there’s a chance we could learn more about the device at or around IFA in early September.


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“but there’s a chance we could learn more about the device at or around IFA in early September.”

Maybe August 7 ?


Considering the Galaxy Book 2 never launched in the UK and the first is still priced £1,000 – it best be a successor! Lol