Nearly one-third of TVs sold in Q2 2019 were Samsung made

Samsung has been the world’s number one TV manufacturer for 13 consecutive years, and it has continued its dominance this year as well. According to market researcher IHS Markit, Samsung TVs accounted for 31.5% of the total shipments by value in Q2 2019.

This is Samsung’s highest market share in six years, the report noted. The South Korean giant was distantly followed by local rival LG with 16.5% market share. Japan’s Sony was the third biggest TV vendor with 8.8% market share in the April-June period.

Strong hold in the premium TV segment

Samsung’s numbers look even better when it comes to premium TVs, which the report classifies as models that are larger than 75 inches and cost more than $2,500. More than 50% of the premium TVs sold during the three-month period were Samsung made, IHS Markit said. The Korean company is expected to further strengthen its lead in the premium TV segment in the future.

Samsung currently uses Micro LED and Quantum Dot LED panels in its TVs. The company has long argued that OLED displays are not suitable for TVs. However, it is now planning to bring quantum-dot and OLED technologies together to create a hybrid display. Samsung may use the QD-OLED panels in its future TV offerings. The company is shutting down one of its LCD plants and will reportedly repurpose it to make QD-OLED displays.

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