Leaked Galaxy Note 9 images with ‘in-display fingerprint sensor’ are fake

So the time is just right for rumors about the Galaxy Note 9 to begin making the rounds, now that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have been available for purchase for a few weeks, but it looks like someone may have jumped the gun in their eagerness to be the first with live images of Samsung’s next Note flagship. A website called has published photos of what it says is a Galaxy Note 9 with no fingerprint sensor at the back, thereby suggesting that the fingerprint reader is underneath the display. Samsung has certainly been reported to be considering an in-display fingerprint solution for the Note 9, although the leaked images are anything but the real deal.

Galaxy Note 9 images leaked? Not so fast

How do we know? Well, all the images have been taken from various Galaxy S9 hands-on articles, something we were able to discover with a simple reverse image search on Google. Add a bit of Photoshop magic and you have everything you need to make people think they might actually be looking at the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung probably doesn’t even have a working prototype available just yet for actual images of the Galaxy Note 9 leaking out so early. Or maybe it does, but again, these aren’t the images you are looking for if you want a glimpse at the company’s next flagship. We’ll probably have to wait a few months before believable images and leaks start appearing online, and there’s always a chance the Galaxy Note 9 will just be a Galaxy S9+ with an S Pen instead of offering features like an in-display fingerprint sensor to put the kibosh on everyone’s anticipation and expectations.

What do you think of these pictures? We’ve added the original and the “leaked” versions side-by-side along with the images from the source of this particular leak, so check them out below and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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