Your Galaxy Z Flip warranty may be voided if you do this


Last updated: June 9th, 2020 at 17:37 UTC+02:00

What’s the first thought that most people have when they purchase a new smartphone, particularly one that’s as expensive as the Galaxy Z Flip? They go online and start searching for durable screen protectors and covers.

There’s no avoiding accidental drops and with these premium devices utilizing metal and glass, they can slip out of your hand quite easily. So while it’s all good to use a case with the Galaxy Z Flip, a screen protector is not something you should be considering for the clamshell foldable.

Don’t use a screen protector with your Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung recommends that customers don’t use screen protectors with the Galaxy Z Flip’s foldable glass panel. We’ve started seeing quite a few of them being sold online and many customers would decide to buy one when they get the device. Many also consider applying protective films on the entire device using adhesives. If they use either, not only do they risk damaging the display, but then could also end up voiding the warranty on their device.

We wanted to see where Samsung stood on the subject of screen protectors for the Galaxy Z Flip, and this is what we heard back from the company:

As outlined in the care instructions included with all Galaxy Z Flip devices, third-party adhesives such as films or stickers should not be adhered to the Galaxy Z Flip screen by customers, doing so could void the warranty.

Samsung has no problems with customers using a case with the Galaxy Z Flip. It even ships one in the box itself. The company isn’t too keen on users applying screen protectors on the Galaxy Z Flip, though. So if this is something you’ve been considering, you may want to hold off on buying that screen protector because you’d really not want a voided warranty on a $1,380 device.

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