Galaxy Z Flip takes better selfie videos than stills in DxOMark review

The Galaxy Z Flip’s selfie camera is better at recording videos than taking stills, according to the latest review from independent benchmark website DxOMark. On the website’s non-finite scale, the foldable phone’s selfie sensor scored 82 points and 86 points in the photo and video categories, respectively. This averages to a final score of 83 points, same as the Galaxy A71.

Galaxy Z Flip selfies won’t blow your socks off

The big issue with the Galaxy Z Flip’s selfie camera is that anyone looking for a smartphone with a strong selfie shooter can easily find a better solution within the Galaxy Z Flip’s price range. Mobile photography was never this phone’s main selling point, despite the fact that Samsung did make a point in highlighting Flex Mode and Night Hyperlapse in its promos. In practice, the sacrifices Samsung had to make to achieve a beautiful foldable phone with a lower price tag than the original Galaxy Fold can be felt throughout the camera experience.

According to DxOMark experts, selfie stills captured with the Galaxy Z Flip can deliver vivid colors with well-controlled noise outdoors. Exposure is generally accurate, especially when using the screen flash. However, the selfie module’s fixed-focus lens can lead to out-of-focus faces at close range, and among other issues, artifacting and inaccurate blurring can pop up in bokeh shots.

The source concluded that the Galaxy Z Flip is actually a better performer in terms of selfie videos thanks to 4K recording, generally good exposure both indoors and outdoors, well-saturated colors, and decent stabilization. However, selfie videos recorded with the Galaxy Z Flip are not without flaws. Low light conditions can create strong noise and poor detail, and white balance errors can occur when filming indoors. Check DxOMark’s full Galaxy Z Flip selfie camera review for more details, and check our own Galaxy Z Flip review for a closer look at the phone’s overall performance and characteristics.

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