Galaxy Z Flip Flex Mode explained by Samsung in new videos

Samsung has published a couple of videos explaining one of the Galaxy Z Flip’s unique features, namely Flex Mode. It’s something that sets the Galaxy Z Flip apart from any other Galaxy smartphone, and indeed, other handsets on the market, regardless of whether or not they’re Samsung-branded.

Flex Mode works hand-in-hand with the Galaxy Z Flip’s clamshell design. The smartphone’s intricate hinge mechanism allows users to unfold the screen at different angles, effectively turning the Galaxy Z Flip into a stand. It lets users capture steady hands-free selfies without requiring a tripod or similar solutions, and it’s a fantastic feature for capturing videos in Night Hyperlapse mode.

Galaxy Z Flip Flex Mode is what sets the device apart

The Galaxy Z Flip combines this hardware capability with software, i.e., Flex Mode, and essentially splits the foldable screen’s UI in half. When capturing photos or videos in Flex Mode, the upper half of the screen acts as a viewfinder, while the lower half accommodates all the controls. Similarly, Flex Mode lets you watch videos from the Gallery app on the upper half of the screen, and control the playback from the lower half.

Samsung had briefly demonstrated the power of Flex Mode on-stage at Unpacked, but its latest two videos offer an even closer look at this feature and what can be achieved thanks to the foldable design. Check them out below, and if they stir your interest, you can learn even more about the Galaxy Z Flip from our review.

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