Galaxy Z Flip Leather Back Cover confirmed by official support page

Samsung’s next foldable smartphone will be known as the Galaxy Z Flip. While the moniker was spotted in online applications before, it was never outright confirmed by Samsung. Not until recently when the support page for a Galaxy Z Flip accessory went live on Samsung’s Romania portal.

The Galaxy Z Flip is expected to be less fragile than the original Galaxy Fold, at least in certain key areas such as the display. But for a device that could cost up to $1,400, some customers will want all the protection they can get, and this is where accessories come into play.

Galaxy Z Flip Leather Back Cover confirmed

We knew that the Galaxy Z Flip is going to get its own leather covers for quite some time now, even before the product was acknowledged by online third-party case retailers.

As yet, there are no photos of the Leather Back Cover on Samsung’s support page so the case could have an unexpected design. However, it will reportedly be made from high-grade genuine leather, and it will be available in black or white.

Much like the Galaxy Fold’s cover included in the retail package, the Galaxy Z Flip solution likely comprises two separate pieces, one for each half of the device, leaving the hinge exposed. It’s unclear whether this Galaxy Z Flip Leather Cover will be offered for free along with every device, but retailers already plan on selling it for £99.99.

Samsung’s clamshell foldable should hit the stage at Unpacked next week, so we’ll have all the details soon.

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