Galaxy A51 One UI 2.1 update adds screen recorder, but it doesn’t work

One UI 2.0, like One UI 1.0, introduced many new features to Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, not all of those features are available on non-flagship devices. The built-in screen recorder is one such feature Samsung is keeping exclusive to its upper mid-range and flagship smartphones.

The Galaxy A51 doesn’t come with screen recording functionality out of the box, but did Samsung plan on changing that with One UI 2.1? It would seem so, as the One UI 2.1 update that rolled out recently to the company’s bestselling phone adds a Screen recorder toggle in the notification shade. You can even customize the recorder’s settings, such as video resolution and whether sounds are recorded, from the Advanced features menu in the phone’s settings.

However, the feature doesn’t actually work – tapping the quick toggle does nothing, as you can see in the GIF animation below (tap/click it if the GIF doesn’t automatically play). And for at least one of our users, the toggle also disappeared after some time. Considering that screen recorder is a part of One UI 2.0, we’re assuming Samsung deliberately hides the feature on its affordable devices but forgot to do that properly when developing the One UI 2.1 update for the Galaxy A51.

It could also be that the One UI 2.1 update was supposed to include the feature but is buggy, which wouldn’t be surprising given how we’ve seen buggy updates for other Galaxy devices as well in recent weeks. Either way, if you own a Galaxy A51, you will have to stick to third-party apps (such as this excellent free app) for recording the screen unless a future update adds a working version of Samsung’s own solution to the device.

galaxy a51 screen recorder

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