Galaxy A5, A7 (2017) update brings selfie focus, other camera features

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Samsung has added a number of new camera features for the Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017) in the latest update, somewhat bringing the two devices in line with their 2018 successors as far as camera functionality is concerned. We say somewhat because the Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018) also pack upgraded camera hardware to match the new features on-board, although it’s nice to see the company introducing software parity on existing devices in the lineup without making people wait for the next major Android upgrade.

Selfie focus is the highlight feature

Among the new camera features, the Selfie focus mode for the front camera is the most notable here. There’s no dual camera setup on the 2017 A series models, so this mode is just a take on the Selective focus mode seen on Samsung’s flagship phones. It’s a simple take at that: You just enable Selfie focus and take a picture, with no need to tap on the screen to choose a subject nor an option to adjust background blur after a photo is taken. But the feature seems to work well as long as the lighting is sufficient, so we don’t think anyone will care it’s not as full-fledged as Selective focus.

The update also introduces a color correction option for your skin tone in the front camera (accessible by tapping the beauty effects icon); the rear camera, meanwhile, gets augmented reality (AR) stickers and stamps. A new security patch is also part of the update, but Samsung isn’t keeping things consistent in this regard, as some regions are getting the November security patch while others are getting the more recent December patch. Then again, that’s how it is with security updates for all of Samsung’s devices, so we’re not surprised.

If you’re rocking a Galaxy A5 (2017) or Galaxy A7 (2017), you can check to see if the update is available for your phone by going into the Settings app, then tapping the Download updates manually option in the Software update menu. We’re not entirely sure if every region is getting these features in the latest update, so if you have received an update in the last few days, do let us know if you see the new features on your device.


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2 days 31 minutes ago
Ayush Maan

Still no update for the camera😕

17 days 15 hours ago
Alvaro AgUilera Gonzalez

No me sale la actualización, vivo en Chile

17 days 21 hours ago

Just December Security Patch received! No selfie focus added. I think it’s other Samsung phone. Received 23MB of update in Pakistan (PAK)!

18 days 10 hours ago
Ayush Maan

No camera update😕only the december patch updated

18 days 12 hours ago
Everto Coronel

reading is news look at one in software update of me galaxy A5 2017 and if there was the update, download the software and surprise it was there with all the improvements of the camera already mentioned by you in this article. Now to try them on a daily basis. I forgot to say that the update came to me in Colombia

19 days 2 hours ago

I had Selfie focus before Update

19 days 4 hours ago

Still no update for the A5 2017 in Portugal (EU)
What the hell ?

19 days 8 hours ago

Hi..when recieve A8 2016 focus camera ?
And give security update coming soon

19 days 8 hours ago

What About A8 2016 ?
Plz Add this settings (performance mode And focus camera ) in A8 2016
Because this phone frequently show power in war for other phone ….
Plz Attention this phone

19 days 8 hours ago

What is wrong with Samsung? They need to update their flagships, how is this not on the Galaxy S8? Or Note8, and why is the S7 still running the old UX while mid-ranges are on Samsung Experience 8.5?

19 days 10 hours ago

Will they add this to the Galaxy S7?