Fresh Galaxy S11+ render shows a more normal rear camera layout

The very first unofficial CAD renders of the Galaxy S11+ were leaked online last month. They showed a rather bonkers layout for the handset’s rear camera system. It was later speculated that perhaps they weren’t representative of the final design.

The speculation appears to have been true. The source that leaked those renders has now posted a fresh Galaxy S11+ render. It shows a much more normal looking layout for the rear camera. What it obviously doesn’t do is confirm the official camera specs, but that’s another matter altogether.

Galaxy S11+ camera layout may not be bonkers after all

It’s said that the initial renders were based on an early prototype of the Galaxy S11+. That’s entirely possible as CAD renders are never fully representative of the final product. The fresh render leaked today is claimed to be based on the latest prototype and the source assumes that it shows the final design.

As far as the camera specs are concerned, rumor has it that the Galaxy S11+ will feature a 108-MP primary sensor. It will also have a 5x optical zoom telephoto lens with optical image stabilization and an ultra wide-angle lens. A ToF sensor remains a possibility as well. The cameras will be accompanied by an LED flash.

The layout seen in this leak is quite similar to the one we saw in an image from Twitter leakster Ice universe. That image was leaked two weeks ago. Going by all of this circumstantial evidence, we can now form an opinion about what the rear camera setup on the Galaxy S11+ is going to look like.

What matters more is how it’s actually going to perform. We won’t be able to find that out until we have the Galaxy S11+ in our hands. Fortunately, that might happen sooner than expected, with Samsung possibly unveiling the Galaxy S11 series on February 11, 2020.

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