You can now download the official Galaxy Tab S7+ wallpapers before launch

Even though Samsung’s next flagship tablet series is weeks away from its debut, we were able to acquire the official wallpapers for the Galaxy Tab S7+ ahead of time. Indeed, as with many other new Galaxy device releases, Samsung has created a series of fresh colorful wallpapers for its upcoming flagship tablet. The wallpapers have an abstract design, so attempting to describe them in text wouldn’t make them justice. With that in mind, we created the gallery below for you to decide whether or not these wallpapers are worthy of your screen real estate.

SamMobile readers who may want to get a taste of the Galaxy Tab S7 or Galaxy Tab S7+ ahead of time can now download these wallpapers from our archive. We don’t advise downloading these images from the gallery below because they have been compressed, however, we provide a 76MB ZIP file containing all the high-definition wallpapers – a total of twelve – in a resolution of 2800 by 2800 pixels. Simply click this link to download the ZIP archive directly to your device and enjoy!

The Galaxy Tab S7 isn’t the only flagship device likely to be unveiled next month, and we expect Samsung to release new wallpapers for the Galaxy Note 20 series as well. We’ll share them with our readers as soon as we have them so stay tuned.

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